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For Businesses & Healthcare Providers

Empathetic Debt Collection

Recover your past dues & late payments


- Recover pasts due & late payments

- Support all industries; commercial, consumer, & patient services

- NURSE-owned and operated; empathy is our trade

- Technology for transparency & customer-service; finding pathways to resolution

We're not a "transactional" collection agency; we're a partner in improving your cash flow & receivables cycle!

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We support your team with training, process improvement, transparency, and decision-making. 

Consumers are YOUR customers! 


We focus on building relationships, collaborating, and problem solving.  Through empathetic phone calls & multiple ways to pay, resolution is our focus and outcome! 


We infuse empathy in more than just our business. Through providing internships, sponsorships, volunteering our time, and finance education, we strengthen our community & elevate our industry.

Our Nurse:

Meet the nurse who brought empathy to debt collection.

What is Debt Recovery?

What is Debt Collection?

They are the same.  When a business provides a good or service, and is not paid for the entirety, debt collection agencies help.  Debt recovery (or collection) is the act of reaching out to those who owe money to obtain payment.

What are Clients Say:

"Thank you SO MUCH for your help here.  I expected this to end up at the bottom of the lake. 


I’m glad we partnered with you guys.  Well done!"

What types of businesses work with Collection Agencies?

Any business who has unpaid customers or clients and needs assistance.

Consumer services. Commercial services. Healthcare services. We can help them all!

#1 Reason to use a professional agency

You Get Paid.

Whether onboarding new clients, maintaining records or performing medical exams, you entered your profession to DO it, not chase after those who owe you. Resolving late payments takes time, patience, and a practiced set of skills to find contacts and engage in conversations that ultimately lead to debt resolutions. 

Why We approach with empathy

It's the right thing to do.

It works!

While our first goal is collecting your outstanding receivables, our second is equally important: Maintaining your positive customer-relations. You and your team work hard to maintain a positive reputation in th ecommunity. We are too. 

for all

We reach consumers where they are and allow them to self-resolve their debts. Our personalized approach offers a live person answering the phone, but we go beyond these traditional methods.

Our Consumer Portal offers one-time payments and payment plans

Your Client Portal allows you see and modify customer details, upload accounts, find training resources, and run reports.

Our Mission

Most businesses entail a complex process of finding clients, performing services, and collecting payments. As part of our mission, we maintain a steady flow of businesses where we collect their dues, allow them to prosper with increased revenue, and relieve the stress and effort that comes with this follow up. However, at the end of the day, we are members of our community who believe connecting and helping others makes us stronger. We are active in our community, engaged in our industry, and give our time through volunteerism.

This is just another way we "go beyond."

Our Approach with
Your Clients

Our customer-contact professionals represent themselves as an extension of YOUR business. Establishing rapport, listening to resolve, and providing repayment options bring resolution through customer-friendly interactions. Repayment options can be pre-approved by you or we will contact you with un-documented options. Further escalation will always be your choice. Either way, you are in the driver seat!

Our Experience

In our experience, many of those who haven't paid you, actually want to do so. We collect on your clients debts so you don't have to. Our process is consistent, defined, documented, kind and highly efficient. If we don't collect, you don't pay.



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