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What Our Clients Say

Beyond Green Solutions uses their empathetic method to not only bring back thousands of dollars in revenue for [our office], but have created a process that has decreased our past dues over time. Our staff and customers find their team courteous and kind!

- Chris, Behavioral Health Industry

Excellent caring and attentive service, definitely recommend.


Katie helps you get paid without alienating your customers from wanting to do business with you again. Collecting past due money can be challenging, not with Beyond Green Solutions!

- Laurie

[Beyond Green Solutions] is doing things with debt collection that, frankly, will rock your world if you're a business owner who is having trouble getting customers and clients to pay you for the work you expertly completed for them. [Their] concept is this: Humane Treatment. It works.

- Ruth

Katie and Beyond Green Solutions provide high-value strategic solutions and extraordinary client services. Uncollected debts are not a viable asset when you are a small business in need of cash flow. Working with Katie has taught me a lot and she has helped my business clients as well. Results oriented, Katie not only delivers on her company's services she is an excellent networker making professional introductions that are always providing vital information to my business community for continued successful growth! Reach out to Katie today, she is a highly valued human asset!


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