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What is a reputable debt collection agency?

Want to ensure your business’ reputation is not tarnished by misaligning with the wrong debt collection agency? Here are a few quick tips to weed out the weeds!

- Visibility: Do they have a website with contact information, an overview of their services, and testimonials or educational information?

- Involved and Informed: Are they a member of a professional trade organization? For example, see the ACA International and its membership directory.

- Transparent: Can they provide professional references? Do they have a representative you can connect with when needed?

- Collaborative: Does their process infuse empathy? How are their staff trained to interact with customers? Are they an active member in their community or business community? Examples include local chambers of commerce, business professionals’ organizations, or sponsorship of events.

- Communicative: Do they offer reports and data for their efforts on behalf of your accounts? How often, what information is included, and by what method? It is essential that you know the current state of accounts sent to your debt collection agency. Common practice includes monthly reports, sent via email or through a client portal, including information on collected and uncollected accounts.

Aligning with businesses that can support your mission and vision are necessary. Third party debt collection agency assistance can give you back the time needed to do what you do best while ensuring you maintain relationships with clients (both those in good standing and who have past dues).

When done in an empathetic manner, debt collections can bring liquidity to your business and its reputation can continue to flourish! To learn more, read What is Empathetic Debt Collection? (

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