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Healthcare Collections

What We Do

Our specialty is empathy. 

Your customers are in vulnerable situations. 

We have two shared goals for your patients or caregivers; recover healthcare self-payments while treating your customers with empathy and understanding. 

How Are We Different?

Our Founder and President is a Nurse! 

We have taken the fundamentals of bedside care and infused them into the practice of engaging with consumers to help them resolve past due bills. 

It works!


Empathy in Practice

What does empathy look like in collections?

Asking open-ended questions, LISTENING to the answer, establishing trust and open communication. Creating paths to resolutions and providing collaborative options.

Empathy is what you give to your customers.

Empathy is what we give to your past due consumers.

Recovery is achieved with results "beyond" traditional methods.

Technology in Practice

What does technology look like in collections?

Meeting each customer at their level of technology needed to provide great customer-service and resolution.

For some, it's letters & a phone call with a specialist. 

For others, a consumer portal and many electronic payment options. 

Recovery is achieved when technology goes "beyond" traditional methods.

How can we help?
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Medical Collections

"I am consistently hearing physicians tell me about the very real financial struggles they endure as a result and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. I encourage any medical practice and/or physician to consider partnering with Beyond Green Solutions (BGS); they are the experts in recovering any past debt and/or in identifying ways to increase your cash flow.

Katie is a friend and trusted partner of the MCMS that has helped many practices and we are proud to be working with her, and the BGS team, as we continue to work together to help medical practices remain financially viable."

Lucia Castillejo, MS
Chief Executive Officer
Monroe County Medical Society

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